Tuesday, November 24, 2009


heya!!!!!!my holidays is so boring bcuz i got nothin 2 do n i not staying in kota kemuning i am staying in pj wit my grandma n i oni can on9 n watch tv which is so boring but maybe next week or tis week i am goin 2 sunway wit jasmine,angel n more so we juz hve 2 wait 4 the correct day from jasmine which will take awhile anyways maybe i not goin back 2 kota kemuning until end of the year n next week i staying in my aunty hse tis week i stayin in my grandma hse then the week after next week i goin 2 stay in my another aunty hse n during christmas i am goin 2 go 2 singapore 2 visit my mum frens then the last week of december i goin 2 come back n pack everything 2 go back 2 kota kemuning so my holidays goin 2 boring but in my cuz hse which i goin 2 stay next week i goin 2 hit him 4 fun bcuz so long din see him n so long din hit him n so long din play wit him goin 2 sleep late if my aunty let but my cuz very fun n he plays dota so i always disturb him teehee anyways hope u guys enjoy u'r holidays n spend time wit u'r family members k well tat's all 4 now byez!!!!