Tuesday, November 17, 2009


hey!!!!!sunway was so damn fun on monday 16/11/09.........i went wit teck kent,ben,rais,john,john cousin,hannah,shaz n annycia(a girl i met in msn who is hannah's fren)i went 2 sunway late bcuz my mom had 2 do sumthing in kl which is so far away but when i reached sunway i wasn't the oni person tat hven't reached there yet but i was the 2nd last person 2 reach there n ben was the when i reached there i met them at the skating counter so we didn't want 2 wait 4 ben so we went n bought tickets 4 ourselves n went in but annycia din come 2 skate so she went shoppig herself anyways when we were wearing our skating shoes ben came so when we were all prepared we went 2 skate....after we skate we went bowling but b4 tat we went 2 eat bcuz we were hungry ...boy vs girls 4 bowling but boys win how sad:(anyways it was kinda fun but ben n annycia din play so ltr we seperated boys go another place n girl go another place so we went 2 eat yorgur berry but we got brain freeze bcuz we had 2 rush so we ate finish n ran 2 the car anyways tat's all 4 now bye!!!!!