Thursday, December 3, 2009


heya!!!!yesterday-Thursday(3/12/2009)i was suppose 2 go sunway wit jasmine but instead i went wit my cuz bcuz my mom ask me 2 follow them but den i thought if i go wit them den i meet jasmine there but when i called her when i was outside the arcade den she said she din come bcuz nobody could come some hve 2 go overseas n some got no transport n some busy anyways so my cuz frens was playin games in the arcade while me n my sis watch them n my cuz who is a girl go see her bf at burger king i think then my cuz frens who is boys but oni 2 guys n one more cuz who is a guy playin racing so we got nothing 2 do so we juz wait 4 them den when finish we go n buy popcorn 2 watch movie called love happens it is so depressing but not tat much lar then we went ice skating then my cousins n my sis n me went 2 she my aunty who is my cuz mom den we ate at the jusco food court then ltr on we jalan jalan 2 the carpark n on da way 2 the carpark i saw jasmine sis n her frens i was like omg omg omg bcuz so scared jasmine sis scold me but she didn't den we continue walking until we get into the car then my aunt send me 2 my another aunt hse 2 stay there where i am now updating my blog but 2nite i not stayin her d i goin 2 stay in my grandma hse n it will be a disaster over there so i prefer not 2 live at all so tat's all 4 now byez!!!!