Tuesday, November 24, 2009


heya!!!!!!my holidays is so boring bcuz i got nothin 2 do n i not staying in kota kemuning i am staying in pj wit my grandma n i oni can on9 n watch tv which is so boring but maybe next week or tis week i am goin 2 sunway wit jasmine,angel n more so we juz hve 2 wait 4 the correct day from jasmine which will take awhile anyways maybe i not goin back 2 kota kemuning until end of the year n next week i staying in my aunty hse tis week i stayin in my grandma hse then the week after next week i goin 2 stay in my another aunty hse n during christmas i am goin 2 go 2 singapore 2 visit my mum frens then the last week of december i goin 2 come back n pack everything 2 go back 2 kota kemuning so my holidays goin 2 boring but in my cuz hse which i goin 2 stay next week i goin 2 hit him 4 fun bcuz so long din see him n so long din hit him n so long din play wit him goin 2 sleep late if my aunty let but my cuz very fun n he plays dota so i always disturb him teehee anyways hope u guys enjoy u'r holidays n spend time wit u'r family members k well tat's all 4 now byez!!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009


heya!!!!!!2day last day of skool!!!!!how sad:'( i wish skool won't nd bcuz tat is the time where i can get 2 see my frens haiz but skool must end.....2day in skool everybody started signing their baju kurung,t-shirt n everything it was so fun but i didn't wan 2 do it but paige went n do it on my back so i was like argh paige!!!!!!then i continue asking ppl 2 sign then ltr a guy went n pour water on me then my t-shirt got wet so we all were like playin wit water until after skool my baju all wet!!!!!!:'(so i was suppose 2 return jasmine PBSM t-shirt but instead i asked her whether i can borrowit 2 change so she said can thn when i came out they pour water again but i dun care n my baju kurung all the signs was destroyed how sad:'(haiz anyways i won't be able 2 see my frens until next year bcuz i will be staying in pj or go over seas so i will miss everbody haiz i wish i could stay n see all my i am at pj staying here so tat's all 4 now nothing else 2 write d byez!!!!!!


Thursday, November 19, 2009


heya!!!!i wish there was more time b4 skool ends bcuz i won't be able 2 see my frens bcuz i might be staying in my aunt hse or i go over seas.....i can't live without frens or skool sumtimes i need 2 study bcuz it's fun 2 study anyways i wan 2 see zurin,paige,hannah,jasmine,trisha,teck kent,ameerul,rohan,nick,hilman n more bcuz they r fun anyways tat's all 4 now n how i wish skool doesn't end well 4 now i juz got 2 live wit it so now byez!!!!!



heya!!!!!tmrw last day of skool!!!!so sad i wish there was still a few more days till skool ends bcuz next year some of my frens goin 2 boarding skool so i won't be able 2 see them how sad:(so i must see them tmrw.....i wan all my frens 2 come 2 skool 2 see them one more time b4 skool ends haiz but maybe some ppl won't come haiz...anyways i will hang out wit zurin,hannah,angel,jasmine,paige,trisha n whoever lar the same group as 2day lar as long as i got frens but if they dun come they r gonna die bcuz tmrw last day of skool so they must come anyways tat's all 4 now lazy 2 write d byez!!!!!



heya!!!!2day so scary UPSR results came out!!!we were all scared but we juz act normal so we will 4get bout it but we can't bcuz it's UPSR RESULTS!!!!!!anyways we were all playing then zurin wanted ameerul's pic so ameerul say 2 give him 4 ringgit then oni can so when we gave him he ran away wit the money so stupid then when i trying 2 stop him then got his sliver on my hand so disgusting ewwwwwww.....i was so damn angry man so i shouted at him i wanted 2 chase after me but i was wearing baju kurung so vv hard 2 run then when he came back i punched him on his back bcuz i was so angry at him n 2day teck kent,adam,hilman n sumone went into the girls toilet then me n zurin went into the toilet then we went into a toilet which has shit in it disgusting so we were like screaming everywhere then paige told us ghost story n bla bla bla then i threw water at adam then he threw back at me so bad anyways then ltr we all rest n zurin,me,teck kent,rohan,ameerul,nicholas was in a std 5 class i 4get which class d then we were waiting until UPSR RESULTS come out so when jasmine n paige came up they told us 2 go down n say we missed everything then we all faster run down then ltr we sat down then teacher said out the names tat got 5A's n oni 33 ppl got 5A's haiz i oni know a few ppl tat got uhm let me write out some names ok the names r:teck kent,zhi khin,nichole,raj kiran,adam,farah,emil,li-yen,hilman,aimi,aina marini,joanne,areline n more i oni got 3A1B1C how sad my results sux!!!!!i cried so much but i pity zurin she wanted 5A's haiz wish she got 5A's haiz anyways tat's all 4 now byez!!!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


hi!i am so scared bout tmrw bcuz tmrw UPSR results comin out!!!!!so if i get bad result my mom will scold me n won't let me go anywhere!!!!:(so i need 2 pray tat i get gd results so i can go anywhere i wan....many ppl in my skool is nervous n so am i so we r like shivering n tmrw we will be like running away haiz hope i get gd results..i need gd results 4 my UPSR!!!!!!!!!!dying rite now anyways pray tat i get gd result n pray tat u get gd results 2 k as 4 now byebye!!!!!



heya!2day at skool was damn fun but i hurt myself n was so damn tired bcuz i was chasing ameerul n rohan 4 my bag bcuz sheryl n farah ask me 2 hit them so when i hit them they hit me back then when sheryl hit ameerul then ameerul go n hit my 4 no reason he so stupid lar anyways i chased them everywhere n zurin helped me chase them 2 i wasn't runing but zurin was bcuz i was tired n zurin wanted 2 help me then ltr on miss tay scolded rohan then when i ask him wat happen then he say all my fault tat he needs 2 go 2 the office 2 meet teacher but he was lieing stupid guy then ltr i went 2 6 liparis class 2 play wit paige while zurin had 2 collect sumthing so we played wit foo n devash chasing then ltr on we went 2 aranda class n play wit rais,daniel,john,sheryl,wail,adam n more we oso played chasing then cikgu zaili n cikgu shahirah scolded us hehe but we sneak at the back door so we went 2 liparis class 2 act normal then we was laughing anyways then ltr zurin came back then we were shouting sum stuff out amzar oso say sumthing hehe stupid amzar go kick my leg then ltr devash was suppose 2 throw a shoe 2 tarsyan but instead it hit my hand n hit zurin neck so me n zurin was chasing him then ltr harith came n say 2 me wat happen darling n bla bla bla disgusting guy so i was like ewwwww......then i go back 2 aranda class so then we talk bout stuff until skool ends lor tat's it 4 now...hehe i lazy 2 type d anyways byebye!!!!


ponteng skool......

heya!!!!2dayi ponteng skool bcuz i over slept bcuz uhm...uhm...i was vv tired after the sunway thing so i lazy 2 wake up n my mom had 2 fetch my maid 2 the airport early in da morning so i had 2 wake up myself but i didn't n when i woke up it was bout like 10:30 n i was like wth i over slept dn i was like regreting not goin 2 skool bcuz tis week is he last week of skool so i wanna come n tmrw i am not suppose 2 go 2 skool bcuz i hve 2 go 2 the temple 2 pray 4 my dad actually every wednesday i hve 2 but my mom say if tmrw u go 2 skool n dun pray den next week u hve 2 pray so i was like ok lar since next week got no skool n got nothin 2 do n hve 2 go temple at tat's it 4 now bye!!!!!



hey!!!!!sunway was so damn fun on monday 16/11/09.........i went wit teck kent,ben,rais,john,john cousin,hannah,shaz n annycia(a girl i met in msn who is hannah's fren)i went 2 sunway late bcuz my mom had 2 do sumthing in kl which is so far away but when i reached sunway i wasn't the oni person tat hven't reached there yet but i was the 2nd last person 2 reach there n ben was the when i reached there i met them at the skating counter so we didn't want 2 wait 4 ben so we went n bought tickets 4 ourselves n went in but annycia din come 2 skate so she went shoppig herself anyways when we were wearing our skating shoes ben came so when we were all prepared we went 2 skate....after we skate we went bowling but b4 tat we went 2 eat bcuz we were hungry ...boy vs girls 4 bowling but boys win how sad:(anyways it was kinda fun but ben n annycia din play so ltr we seperated boys go another place n girl go another place so we went 2 eat yorgur berry but we got brain freeze bcuz we had 2 rush so we ate finish n ran 2 the car anyways tat's all 4 now bye!!!!!


Tuesday;17th November;2009

Hey Hey Hey!!!my 1st post!!=Dduno wat 2 write...