Monday, December 28, 2009

my cousins!!!!!!!!XP

hello!!!!i am gonna show u my cousins pic n their names......hehe

1st is EUGENE.......

he is the one on da left......he is vv mean but sumtimes gd

2nd is BOON HOE......

he is on he left 2...well obviously he is a boy....hehe

3rd is MABEL......

she likes 2 go break dancing....she is awesome at it

4th is CHERYL.......

she is hot.....n she is the one on the left

5th is AMANDA.......

she sumtimes is annoying which sumtimes makes me hate her n she is the one on the left

6th is MELISSA......

she is my we r kinda close

7th is DESMOND.......

he is the same age as me...but still older n he likes 2 ask ppl 2 do his things

8th is my sista.......MEI LING........

she is the one on the right.....i sumtimes hate her

9th is BRENDA......

she is cute......but we dun see each other alot bcuz she lives in where????i 4get d hehe sry

10th is FIONA.....

she is kinda short but smart hehe

anyways tat's al so byez!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


heya!!!!!!2day is xmas eve!!!!!yay!!!!!!den tmrw is xmas!!!!!we will get presents yay!!!!but i dun think i will get presents haiz pity pity my present i wan is 2 be happy n be wif my frens n family........n everybody would hve a gd life n future......anyways i lazy 2 think 2 type stuff so byez!!!!n a HAPPY XMAS EVE!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


heya!!!!!tis pics r my nephews where i am living in their hse

well tat's all 4 now byez!!!!!



heya!!!!!here r some pics of me,my sis n my cousins when we went 2 genting it was so much fun haiz wish we could go there again well take a look

well tat's it 4 now byez!!!!


all my bff!!!

heya!!!!!!!2day i am gonna show u all my best 1st best fren is ANGEL bcuz when i 1st came 2 the skool she was the 1st 1 tat was always by my side n here is a pic of her

tis is her n her sis.....she is my bestest fren

my 2nd bff is ZURIN....although i hang out wif her oni at the end of the year she is also my 2nd bff tis is a pic of her

tat is zurin my 2nd bff

my 3rd bff is TK(TECK KENT)A.K.A TEKKEN5....he likes 2 call himself tat tis is one of his pic 2

there...tat's his bro n him i got another pic but it's not clear n he was moving n he wasn't smiling n tis pic he was smiling so i took it hehe

my 4th bff is PAIGE.....she is funny,adorable,fun 2 play wif n everything tat is y she is my 3rd...n there is a pic of her

she looks so cute n funny...tat's wat i luv bout her

my 5th bff is HANNAH...she is vv cute...she laugh vv funny like meh hahaha she is fun like paige 2 here is a pic of here

she looks so cute...

my 6th bff is JASMINE.....she is fun n sweet but sumtimes she is quite sensitive but i dun mind so tis is a pic of her

tis is a pic of her wif her cuz she so cute

my 7th bff is TRISHA....she is vv cute n she is kind n a great fren 2 n tis is her pic

so cute rite????yup correct

my 8th bff is ANNE bcuz she is fun n caring i luv her 2 tis is her pic

she looks hot man

my 9th bff is SHAZ....she is cute,fun n playful

she looks hot like anne

my 10th bff is TAN.....he is a bit rough but sumtimes kind...

he is the 1 wif the red t-shirt

my 11th bff is ROHAN...he is a person tat u can trust not like nick

he is the 1 on the right playin checkers

my 12th bff is AMEERUl.....he is a sweet guy but sumtimes he can get reli mad n hit ppl

he looks funny

my 13th bff is NICK....he is disgusting n rough but i'm fine wif it bcuz i get used 2 it hehe

he is a vampire!!!!!!!hahaha jkjk

well tat's all 4 2day byez!!!


Friday, December 11, 2009


heya!!!!!!i am goin 2 hve the worst few days of my life bcuz i hve 2 stay at my nephew hse who r 3 n 5 year old i hve 2 play wif them so long u cannot stop playin wif them wan u must continue it's like torture u know but i hve 2 handle them n when u wan 2 go sleep u can't bcuz they will say i wan 2 play summore or i wan 2 continue the game n bla bla bla so argh dun wanna talk bout it anymore haiz anyways byez!!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

MISSING ALL MY FRENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

heya!!!!!2day i'm gonna talk out my frens....bcuz i miss them so much until i fell like talking bout them so anyways 1st off all i would like 2 write those of my frens names who i miss:angel,zurin,jasmine,hannah,paige,shazreen,anne,trisha,devina,teck kent,ameerul,rohan,nicholas,zhi khin,foo,sheryl,bin wen well tat is all of their names.......anyways they r all great frens bcuz they r well gd i guess n yea they r althugh we fight wif each other we all will still be frens...well tat's it 4 now bcuz i am reli tired so byez!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Worst holiday eva.....

heya!!!!!!! holidays sux bcuz i hve 2 stay at my grandma hse which is awful she everyday scold ppl it sux i prefer staying at my cuz hse bcuz i can on9 the whole time but i hve 2 help him n my sis play maple which sux i know maple sux bcuz it does a little....but i hve 2 study oso bluekkk bcuz my aunt is like u hve 2 study during holidays bcuz next year my cuz spm n my sis pmr n i goin 2 form 1 so wee all hve 2 study 4 1 hr which sux 2 but i dun give a damn bcuz ltr i get 2 on9 but not in my grandma hse st her hse i hvve 2 work n work n work which sux i hate it damn alot n i wish i could die rite now bcuz my like sux like hell...wel tat's all 4 now byez!!!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009


heya!!!!yesterday-Thursday(3/12/2009)i was suppose 2 go sunway wit jasmine but instead i went wit my cuz bcuz my mom ask me 2 follow them but den i thought if i go wit them den i meet jasmine there but when i called her when i was outside the arcade den she said she din come bcuz nobody could come some hve 2 go overseas n some got no transport n some busy anyways so my cuz frens was playin games in the arcade while me n my sis watch them n my cuz who is a girl go see her bf at burger king i think then my cuz frens who is boys but oni 2 guys n one more cuz who is a guy playin racing so we got nothing 2 do so we juz wait 4 them den when finish we go n buy popcorn 2 watch movie called love happens it is so depressing but not tat much lar then we went ice skating then my cousins n my sis n me went 2 she my aunty who is my cuz mom den we ate at the jusco food court then ltr on we jalan jalan 2 the carpark n on da way 2 the carpark i saw jasmine sis n her frens i was like omg omg omg bcuz so scared jasmine sis scold me but she didn't den we continue walking until we get into the car then my aunt send me 2 my another aunt hse 2 stay there where i am now updating my blog but 2nite i not stayin her d i goin 2 stay in my grandma hse n it will be a disaster over there so i prefer not 2 live at all so tat's all 4 now byez!!!!