Thursday, November 19, 2009


heya!!!!2day so scary UPSR results came out!!!we were all scared but we juz act normal so we will 4get bout it but we can't bcuz it's UPSR RESULTS!!!!!!anyways we were all playing then zurin wanted ameerul's pic so ameerul say 2 give him 4 ringgit then oni can so when we gave him he ran away wit the money so stupid then when i trying 2 stop him then got his sliver on my hand so disgusting ewwwwwww.....i was so damn angry man so i shouted at him i wanted 2 chase after me but i was wearing baju kurung so vv hard 2 run then when he came back i punched him on his back bcuz i was so angry at him n 2day teck kent,adam,hilman n sumone went into the girls toilet then me n zurin went into the toilet then we went into a toilet which has shit in it disgusting so we were like screaming everywhere then paige told us ghost story n bla bla bla then i threw water at adam then he threw back at me so bad anyways then ltr we all rest n zurin,me,teck kent,rohan,ameerul,nicholas was in a std 5 class i 4get which class d then we were waiting until UPSR RESULTS come out so when jasmine n paige came up they told us 2 go down n say we missed everything then we all faster run down then ltr we sat down then teacher said out the names tat got 5A's n oni 33 ppl got 5A's haiz i oni know a few ppl tat got uhm let me write out some names ok the names r:teck kent,zhi khin,nichole,raj kiran,adam,farah,emil,li-yen,hilman,aimi,aina marini,joanne,areline n more i oni got 3A1B1C how sad my results sux!!!!!i cried so much but i pity zurin she wanted 5A's haiz wish she got 5A's haiz anyways tat's all 4 now byez!!!!!