Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ponteng skool......

heya!!!!2dayi ponteng skool bcuz i over slept bcuz uhm...uhm...i was vv tired after the sunway thing so i lazy 2 wake up n my mom had 2 fetch my maid 2 the airport early in da morning so i had 2 wake up myself but i didn't n when i woke up it was bout like 10:30 n i was like wth i over slept dn i was like regreting not goin 2 skool bcuz tis week is he last week of skool so i wanna come n tmrw i am not suppose 2 go 2 skool bcuz i hve 2 go 2 the temple 2 pray 4 my dad actually every wednesday i hve 2 but my mom say if tmrw u go 2 skool n dun pray den next week u hve 2 pray so i was like ok lar since next week got no skool n got nothin 2 do n hve 2 go temple at tat's it 4 now bye!!!!!