Tuesday, November 17, 2009


heya!2day at skool was damn fun but i hurt myself n was so damn tired bcuz i was chasing ameerul n rohan 4 my bag bcuz sheryl n farah ask me 2 hit them so when i hit them they hit me back then when sheryl hit ameerul then ameerul go n hit my 4 no reason he so stupid lar anyways i chased them everywhere n zurin helped me chase them 2 i wasn't runing but zurin was bcuz i was tired n zurin wanted 2 help me then ltr on miss tay scolded rohan then when i ask him wat happen then he say all my fault tat he needs 2 go 2 the office 2 meet teacher but he was lieing stupid guy then ltr i went 2 6 liparis class 2 play wit paige while zurin had 2 collect sumthing so we played wit foo n devash chasing then ltr on we went 2 aranda class n play wit rais,daniel,john,sheryl,wail,adam n more we oso played chasing then cikgu zaili n cikgu shahirah scolded us hehe but we sneak at the back door so we went 2 liparis class 2 act normal then we was laughing anyways then ltr zurin came back then we were shouting sum stuff out amzar oso say sumthing hehe stupid amzar go kick my leg then ltr devash was suppose 2 throw a shoe 2 tarsyan but instead it hit my hand n hit zurin neck so me n zurin was chasing him then ltr harith came n say 2 me wat happen darling n bla bla bla disgusting guy so i was like ewwwww......then i go back 2 aranda class so then we talk bout stuff until skool ends lor tat's it 4 now...hehe i lazy 2 type d anyways byebye!!!!