Tuesday, December 15, 2009

all my bff!!!

heya!!!!!!!2day i am gonna show u all my best 1st best fren is ANGEL bcuz when i 1st came 2 the skool she was the 1st 1 tat was always by my side n here is a pic of her

tis is her n her sis.....she is my bestest fren

my 2nd bff is ZURIN....although i hang out wif her oni at the end of the year she is also my 2nd bff tis is a pic of her

tat is zurin my 2nd bff

my 3rd bff is TK(TECK KENT)A.K.A TEKKEN5....he likes 2 call himself tat tis is one of his pic 2

there...tat's his bro n him i got another pic but it's not clear n he was moving n he wasn't smiling n tis pic he was smiling so i took it hehe

my 4th bff is PAIGE.....she is funny,adorable,fun 2 play wif n everything tat is y she is my 3rd...n there is a pic of her

she looks so cute n funny...tat's wat i luv bout her

my 5th bff is HANNAH...she is vv cute...she laugh vv funny like meh hahaha she is fun like paige 2 here is a pic of here

she looks so cute...

my 6th bff is JASMINE.....she is fun n sweet but sumtimes she is quite sensitive but i dun mind so tis is a pic of her

tis is a pic of her wif her cuz she so cute

my 7th bff is TRISHA....she is vv cute n she is kind n a great fren 2 n tis is her pic

so cute rite????yup correct

my 8th bff is ANNE bcuz she is fun n caring i luv her 2 tis is her pic

she looks hot man

my 9th bff is SHAZ....she is cute,fun n playful

she looks hot like anne

my 10th bff is TAN.....he is a bit rough but sumtimes kind...

he is the 1 wif the red t-shirt

my 11th bff is ROHAN...he is a person tat u can trust not like nick

he is the 1 on the right playin checkers

my 12th bff is AMEERUl.....he is a sweet guy but sumtimes he can get reli mad n hit ppl

he looks funny

my 13th bff is NICK....he is disgusting n rough but i'm fine wif it bcuz i get used 2 it hehe

he is a vampire!!!!!!!hahaha jkjk

well tat's all 4 2day byez!!!