Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Worst holiday eva.....

heya!!!!!!! holidays sux bcuz i hve 2 stay at my grandma hse which is awful she everyday scold ppl it sux i prefer staying at my cuz hse bcuz i can on9 the whole time but i hve 2 help him n my sis play maple which sux i know maple sux bcuz it does a little....but i hve 2 study oso bluekkk bcuz my aunt is like u hve 2 study during holidays bcuz next year my cuz spm n my sis pmr n i goin 2 form 1 so wee all hve 2 study 4 1 hr which sux 2 but i dun give a damn bcuz ltr i get 2 on9 but not in my grandma hse st her hse i hvve 2 work n work n work which sux i hate it damn alot n i wish i could die rite now bcuz my like sux like hell...wel tat's all 4 now byez!!!!