Wednesday, April 28, 2010


heya!!!!!from 2day onwards i am going 2 change from an evil person 2 a gd everyone tat i hve hurt...u can hurt me back n i wont hurt u anymore......bcuz i will be changing 4eva....bcuz everyone will be happy when i bcome gd.....soo i wont beat them anymore....oh well....sry anyways....byebye




heya!!!!one by one of my frens is fighting......1st it was me n jennifer fight....den.....cui ning n is evonne n yin qian....n also one more....roobini fighting,jennifer,cui ning n syifa....haiz...but i think roobini will 4give us tmrw la....i hope after tis nobody else will fight anymore.....bcuz i dun wanna fight anymore.....i wan everything 2 be normal d.....byez



heya!!!!!!sowi i din post anything 4 vvvvvvv long d.......anyways.....i goin 2 posts many stuff from 2day onwards

Sunday, February 14, 2010


heya!!!!!!juz one more thing 2 say 2 all the lovely couples.....HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!!!n hope u n u'r valentine enjoy the rest of u'r days........n i hope i enjoy my day 2......well 2 all my frens hu has a valentine dun mess up wif the guy/girl u hve ok byez!!!!!!



heya!!!!!!!!!sry 4 the late wishing.......i 4get 2 update my blog n 4 so long i din update my blog i juz wanna say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!i hope evveryone has a great holiday n hope u enjoy the chinese new year with all of u'r family members n hope everyone is happy at all times.....byez!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

to farah!!!

heya!!!!!HAPPY B'DAY FARAH!!!!!!!!i hope u hve a great b'day party n a great day......n sry 4 getting u in trouble ya......i know it's all my plz 4give me.....but hope u like the splash though u so much so once again HAPPY B'DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!bye......XP


Saturday, January 23, 2010

after merentas desa......

heya!!!!!after merentas desa....we went home den at 4 i got volleyball practice at, jennifer aka my new fren plan 2 meet at hannahs hse n we did so i waited 4 jennifer at 7E n when she came her mom gve me a lift 2 hannah when we went in den we see hannah use her comp n we were guessing her bro name n her bro name was nicholas which was so easy n i guessed nathan hehe maybe watch 2 much heroes show d ; as i was saying when almost 4:30 it was goin 2 rain but we still went 2 skool.....when we went there there was oni from 2 ppl n there was oni 1 boy.....hahahaha......we chit chat over there until 6:00 but hannah went home earlier n the rest went home at 6:00 n me n jennifer were at skool we were scared n there was no security guard overt there summore so we quickly ran 2 7E 2 wait 4 my sis den wait 4 jennifer dad pick her up........owh yea did i mention we din do any practice so they change 2 monday morning stupid wan anyways den jennifer dad wanted 2 send me home but i dun wan so they went home n i walked home wif my sis n my maid anyways tat's all 4 now.......byez!!!!!!!!!


merentas desa.....

heya!!!2day was merentas was fun but still sux abit bcuz i din get any number n my leg n hand got poked by a stupid plant i hate tat plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyways..........i ran wif paige n my new fren but i dunno how 2 spell her name new fren n me wanted 2 run ut paige kept on asking us 2 slow down until almost 2 the finish point we left her behind....hehe......sry while me n my new fren running down the hill or wtv i saw sammie aka samantha....she wasn't running but cheering i thought she was running but she wasn't so when i reached the finish point i went 2 the pondok n rest.......then i took out my number 2 give teacher 2 collect my food n drinks.....ltr on ameerul n rohan poke little holes on their bottles n spray at us until we wet n then other ppl oso do the same thing n spray water at me n anne.....den the ceremony 4 the ppl who get top 20 begin n we all went home....tat's all 4 2day byez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

skool sux n rox at the same time.....:)

hey!!!!!!!skool sux bcuz i got no frens in my class 2 talk 2 n play wif n urgh.....i juz got no frens but at least i get 2 see them on rehat but i still got sumone in class 2 talk 2........n skool rox bcuz i get 2 see my frens everyday although they not in same class n i hope everyone can enjoy every single day in skool......XP enjoy ya!!!!byez!!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey!!!!!it's new year!!!!!sry if i wish late bcuz i lazy 2 update my blog....hehe..........well happy 2010!!!!!!!hope everyone has a great year bcuz i hape i do since i am gonna go 2 form enjoy u'r year.......byez!!!!