Saturday, January 23, 2010

merentas desa.....

heya!!!2day was merentas was fun but still sux abit bcuz i din get any number n my leg n hand got poked by a stupid plant i hate tat plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyways..........i ran wif paige n my new fren but i dunno how 2 spell her name new fren n me wanted 2 run ut paige kept on asking us 2 slow down until almost 2 the finish point we left her behind....hehe......sry while me n my new fren running down the hill or wtv i saw sammie aka samantha....she wasn't running but cheering i thought she was running but she wasn't so when i reached the finish point i went 2 the pondok n rest.......then i took out my number 2 give teacher 2 collect my food n drinks.....ltr on ameerul n rohan poke little holes on their bottles n spray at us until we wet n then other ppl oso do the same thing n spray water at me n anne.....den the ceremony 4 the ppl who get top 20 begin n we all went home....tat's all 4 2day byez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!