Saturday, January 23, 2010

after merentas desa......

heya!!!!!after merentas desa....we went home den at 4 i got volleyball practice at, jennifer aka my new fren plan 2 meet at hannahs hse n we did so i waited 4 jennifer at 7E n when she came her mom gve me a lift 2 hannah when we went in den we see hannah use her comp n we were guessing her bro name n her bro name was nicholas which was so easy n i guessed nathan hehe maybe watch 2 much heroes show d ; as i was saying when almost 4:30 it was goin 2 rain but we still went 2 skool.....when we went there there was oni from 2 ppl n there was oni 1 boy.....hahahaha......we chit chat over there until 6:00 but hannah went home earlier n the rest went home at 6:00 n me n jennifer were at skool we were scared n there was no security guard overt there summore so we quickly ran 2 7E 2 wait 4 my sis den wait 4 jennifer dad pick her up........owh yea did i mention we din do any practice so they change 2 monday morning stupid wan anyways den jennifer dad wanted 2 send me home but i dun wan so they went home n i walked home wif my sis n my maid anyways tat's all 4 now.......byez!!!!!!!!!